Thursday, April 14, 2011

today is a crying day.. :(

14th april 2011, we (SPM's candidate) had a farewell ceremony with Pn. Hjh Nathrah bt. Awang Teh, a history teacher and what is important is,,, we love her so much :) .. we had cried for a long time today.. our teacher had been transferred to other school, to be the 'Penolong Kanan Kokurikulum'..

Cikgu Nathrah, you had inspired us,you are good motivator for us,you are one in a million,your advises are so meaningful,you had become our mother in the school,we are so thankful that we still have the golden opportunity to know you very well,your skills in teaching us are so unique, you know what?i was wondering,how you can remember all the facts,you are so know what?i want to be like you,i want to remember all those things like you, i keep on asking,if you can do that,why not me?..please pray for us teacher..lastly,i hope that you will be happy in the new school,and i hope you'll always be in the pink condition. WE LOVE YOU Pn. Nathrah bt. Awang Teh..

Thursday, January 6, 2011

1st week at school in 2011 as the spm's candidate

t.e.n.s.i.o.n..their expectation towards us..huhh,,WOW!..they expect that we will give them more n more!..well,i mean,they=our teachers..

SPM?huhh! i'm looking forward to experience the exam.. :) u know why?because i really2 like freedom..this is the true freedom! well,even though this year i'll take the main exam in malaysia,it doesn't mean that i can't be active in the curriculum activities..huhu..nobody can't stop me except Allah SWT..i want do whatever i want..i don't want anyone to object me..

k,till then :)