Friday, July 16, 2010

i'm home!Redang island is very wonderful!

my trip to Redang island was very meaningful n,,i want to share my exciting experience with all of u..before going to Redang island,,we went to the Merang jetty by bus..when we reached there,,we were asked to wear life jacket..n then we enter a ferry that have brought us to Redang above were captured in the ferry...
when we reached Redang island jetty,,i felt very eager n the eye-catching view around the island have made me to be thankful to Allah..
~then,,we walked to our 'hotel' that is Pusat Kokurikulum Pulau Redang..the place that we had stayed for 3 days n 2 nights..we have rested about 3 hours in our dorm..after that,,at 3.30 p.m,, we went to Teluk Dalam for water confidence activity..before going there,,our teacher told us about Teluk Dalam that have a fantastic view n white sandy beach..n we were looking forward to see Teluk Dalam..we went there by a special transport,, was an unforgettable experience when all of us on the lorry..n what had impressed me is..our Principal also on the lorry!hehe:)
only a single word from our mouths that is,,'WOW!' when we reached our destination..i never see that kind of sand!it was so white..i don't know how to explain about the white sandy beach..unfortunately,,i don't take any photo there..we had learnt how to swim n snorkeling by using goggle n also was absolutely fun for me!
~on the next day..Thursday..we were ready to go to four places by a boat n do our main activity,,snorkeling!first,,we went to Chagar Hutang,,the place where the turtles lay their eggs in a season,,Mac till October...our boat parked far away from the beach..n we had to swim to the beach n use the skills that we had learnt yesterday..i'm so tired while swimming,,but it was fun!then,,when we reached the beach,,a research assistant that we called,,Kak Mas,,had explain us more about the turtles n she had brought us to the turtle gallery..we could see the siamese twin turtles n also the albino turtles there..then,,we also saw the new-born cute!after that,,we had to swim again to our boat..n then our next place is Marine Park!snorkeling snorkeling..only the activity that we have done there..i used the golden opportunity to do snorkeling there..i could see the fantastic corals n also the fish!n feed the beautiful!i had never seen the marine life before..n it was the first time for me..
~after Marine Park,,we went to Pulau Lima.. we also swim to the beach..n unluckily,,many of us had accidently step on the corals..our feet had injured n too..we didn't wear shoes while snorkeling..hehe..but,,never mind..we still happy there!then,,we go to Long Beach..n our teacher said that the place is the main city in Pulau Redang..many foreign tourists there..many of us do the snorkeling activity there..but not my friends n i..we just walked along the beach n took a lot of photos there..after that,,we return to Pusat Kokurikulum..on that night,,we didn't have any activity..but,,my friends n i have our own activity,,loitering in the canteen while having a glass of drink..
~on friday,,we returned home!i hope that our school will make a trip to another island next year..our experience in Redang island is the best one!

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